Get festive with glass

The holidays are coming! Give your home some sparkle with these glass art options. Scroll down for more details and price information.


Sparkling trees


Catch the light of candles and fairy lights with these beautiful miniature trees. They make perfect stocking fillers, too. Each one is  individually handmade and unique.

Above: Christmas tree decoration with presents will look beautiful on a mantelpiece.
Sparkly Christmas trees sizes vary from 4cm to 7cm tall, from £4


Christmas bunting

I sell glass bunting all year-long. There are special options to make your bunting extra festive for Christmas. You can customise your bunting with text, glitter, different colour options, transparent and opaque glass and ribbon choices.


Above left: Christmas Noel Bunting, £30 for 6 flags with gold or silver glitter encased in glass
Above right:
 Christmas Tree Bunting, £25 for 5 trees all ready to hang on pretty ribbon

Custom light-catchers

A personalised clear glass and glitter light-catcher twinkles beautifully in sunlight or candlelight. Any name is possible, or choose something festive!

Below: Approx 3cm across, length will vary depending on the name.



Snowmen are cheerful all winter-long, even after Christmas! Below: This Snowman candle curve looks stunning with a candle flickering behind it.


Candle holders

Glass reflects candle light beautifully and looks great even when the candle isn’t lit. Get in touch to discuss custom options.

Below: Festive candle bridge (candle included), £25




Above: Holly platter 26cmx26cm perfect for Mince Pies or Christmas cake!

Other festive options

Get in touch to make your custom order!

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